Helping Your Neighbor

Here at Odd-Ball Jobs, we are focused on helping those in need and serving in every way we can. We believe in loving others the way that Christ loves us and following after His example. We want the focus to always be on the customers rather than ourselves, because it’s not about us in this life. We want our customers to see Christ in us rather than just us. All of us at Odd-Ball Jobs know that starting this business would not have been possible without the Lord’s strength, and we forever want to praise Him for that.

We want our customers to know that they are cared for and loved in every project that we take on. We are here to do our best and to do it for the Lord’s glory and not our own. We want to change lives not just through the projects we complete but also in the way that we do them. We want our customers to only see hard work, integrity, and a genuine passion in what we do. We may be a company that does Odd-Ball kind of jobs, but to us it is a career and lifestyle that we genuinely love.

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