In 2004, America spent $170 billion in prescription drugs alone. In fact, the United States spends nearly $5,000 per person on health care. That's more than twice the amount of some other industrialized countries.

Natural Wonders May Help Save America Costly Medical Bills

Natural Wonders May Help Save America Costly Medical BillsIn 2004, America spent $170 billion in prescription drugs alone. In fact, the United States spends nearly $5,000 per person on health care. That's more than twice the amount of some other industrialized countries. Noting this upward spiral in health care costs, many are turning to the obvious need for improved prevention efforts. How do we prevent heart disease, osteoarthritis, the flu and the common cold? How do we improve the overall health of Americans?While America witnesses almost daily announcements of expensive medical miracles being wrought, other forces are hiking the trails of Borneo, braving the deserts of the Kalahari and searching through the Himalayas to find those hidden natural wonders that may offer the keys to a healthier America at less of a cost.Drawing upon every corner of society and the world, these forces are seeking out natural and man-made methods to provide America with what it needs to prevent disease, thus minimizing its reliance on cures.A relative newcomer to this nature-focused group are the pioneers of Mosaic Nutraceuticals. Pulling together expertise from all over the world, the company is developing low-cost, nature-based alternatives that may help prevent some of the many ailments of today. Starting small, Mosaic is offering effective osteoarthritis relief in its Joint-2-Life candy chews and its 24/7 Instant Relief ointment. "Mosaic Nutraceuticals was founded on the concept that nature will provide many of the answers to our health questions," said Charles Townsend, chief executive officer of the Dallas-based company. "We have to be smart enough to find those answers and apply them."Mosaic's approach stems from one simple idea: Everybody likes candy. So the company developed its supplements in the form of tasty candy chews that are easy to take and convenient for people on the go.

Menopause: Male Fretting

Menopause: Male Fretting

Menopause (definition): The almost inevitable fretting by husbands whereby they first anticipate (sometimes is sheer terror), the looming specter of being "outside the affections of the marital bedroom" looking inLet's concede the obvious. Menopause affects sexcan affect marriage. That concern is as old as civilization. Even Roman husbands dreaded the onset of this problem associated with menopause. What was it they said? "Hic astabo tantisper cum hac forma et factis frustra?"(Rough translation: "Am I to stand idle and unnoticed, so handsome and so heroic, all for nothing?"). Menopause does evoke theatrics in men at times. Of course, menopause is really a condition which develops in women usually between the ages of 45- 50. Menopause occurs when an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone causes symptoms such as:"the uncomfortable hot flashes, "vaginal dryness, "osteoporosis (reduction in bone density), "loss of sex drive, and"Fibrocystic breasts. There's certainly much more to menopause than that of sexual relations between husband and wife. Incidentally, the loss of sex drive occurs in menopause when the hypothalamus (an endocrine gland) lessens sex drive due to reduction in the production of progesterone. Menopause: normal or abnormal condition?Progesterone deficiency simply doesn't exist in many cultures around the world. As a result, menopause is practically unknown among such people. Why? The diets in those cultures are rich in certain nutrients found in fresh vegetables and legumes. Those nutrients are called natural Phytosterols. Foods which are rich with such natural Phytosterols keep the body's progesterone capacity at the necessary levels. Menopause doesn't develop in these women. They show no symptoms of menopause. They do have strong sex drives, strong bones, no hot flashesforcing the men to fret about other things besides menopause. Progestins and MenopauseOf course, when we have a medical problem, it seems we immediately turn to some sort of drug to "fix it." Progestins are substances which are made to act like progesterone. So voila! The problems of menopause are expected to disappear. Anyone with a prescription of progestins to help them with the symptoms of menopause knows that "it just ain't so." Progestins do not provide all of the same effects as progesterone and there is a substantial body of research concerned with their side effects. Yes, some relief from menopause may take place but the side effects can be considerable. I know, I know. "Nulla tam bona est fortuna de qua nihil possis queri." ("No luck is that good that you can't find something to complain about."). Well, if you are looking for relief from menopause and tempted to take prescriptions, consider the side effects of progestins:"Acne"Weight fluctuations "Jaundice"Depression"Insomnia"Nausea"Breast tenderness"Fluid retention"BleedingMenopause and DHEABecause the "mother hormone" - DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) - is used by our bodies to produce as many as 50 other hormones, many use it to help regulate the estrogen - progesterone imbalance and to maintain good health.Again, we have a problem like menopause, so we jump at the chance for a prescription. But, synthetic DHEA can result in liver damage. On the other hand, almost all of the degenerative diseases out there, are accompanied by low DHEA levels. Synthetic DHEA supplementation creates an imbalance with substances produced by our body, such as cortisol. That imbalance creates further problems- such as low energy, Thyroid dysfunction, decreased immune function (see immune system at, compromised sleeping habits, Muscular dysfunction and many other issues and complications. Wouldn't it be better to simply take foods -or natural supplements - which contain Phytosterols to deal with menopause? Menopause can be prevented or mitigated by the progesterone produced from natural Phytosterols. Why go to drugs for relief? DHEA can be regulated by the progesterone produced by Phytosterols. Why, I say, do we run for drugs as our only choice? Incidentally, Phytosterols can aid in other conditions besides relief of menopause and its symptoms:1.Fat loss (Are you beginning to understand why dieting often doesn't work?)2.Breast Cancer involves low levels of DHEA. Phytosterols help the body handle that issue and in turn, aids in combating breast cancer. In fact, one study showed that of 5,186 women who developed breast cancer, all of them - 100%! - had a dramatic fall in their DHEA levels up to 9 years earlier (R.D. Bulbrook, J.L. Hayward, C.C. Speir, "Relations Between Urinary Androgen and Corticoid Eccretion and Subsequent Breast Cancer." Lancet. 2:395-398.) 1971.3.PMS along with menopause (See my article on PMS and Phytosterols).4.Depression 5. Diabetes (for help with diabetes see my articles "Diabetes: The $132 Billion Dollar Pandemic" and "Diabetes: "So Far, So Good") 5.Stress6.Prostate7.Obesity8.Arthritis 9.Many other diseases and conditions.Phytosterols is a natural food substance which translates into hormonal action in the body. It is safe and it is almost a "menopause prevention program" by itself Women need it for menopause. Persons using phytosterols don't have to worry about side effects as they would with progestins and synthetic DHEA. However, as with any treatment, you should consult a health care professional, if you have concerns. Perhaps a new "definition" for menopause can begin to emerge. Yes, let's try that. Menopause (New Definition): Menopause is no longer the disruption of the marital bedroom. Rather, it is replaced by the almost inevitable glee experienced by husbands whereby they (sometimes quite "boyishly") anticipate the constancy of your doting attentiveness lavished upon them as they stand before you "idle and noticed, so handsome and so heroic. "Are you thrilled girls? Finis(I'm done.)

We All Need These Vitamins - Vitamin B12 And Folacin

We All Need These Vitamins - Vitamin B12 And Folacin

During the last years the vital importance of vitamin B12 and folacin for our health has become more obvious. Perhaps you have heard that folacin is important during pregnancy. Deficiency can cause severe damages to the fetus. In the USA and other countries one has added synthetic folacin to prevent damages to the fetus.Also B12 is of importance as both vitamins are interacting to have an effect. Both vitamins have great importance even in other cases. The risk of developing dementia are for example bigger if you suffer from a deficiency of one of these vitamins.Vitamin B12 and folacin are important for every cell of the body. B12 and folacin interact in vital functions of all cells. For example they are necessary for the cells to divide and grow in a normal way. That is why they are of great importance for the growing foetus.The first symptoms of deficiency can also come from the cells that divide too fast, for example blood cells and the cells of mucous membrane. The symptoms will result in a type of anemia often combined with a read tongue and shear mucous membranes in the mouth.Both vitamins are also necessary for the nerve system to function well, for the nerve cells and for the signal substances that transmit the nerve impulses. If not treated this kind of deficiency can cause permanent damages of the nerves.A deficiency may occur as a result of an inability to absorb B12 from food and in strict vegetarians who do not consume any animal foods. As a general rule, most individuals who develop a vitamin B12 deficiency have an underlying stomach or intestinal disorder that limits the absorption of vitamin B12. Sometimes the only symptom of these intestinal disorder is subtly reduced cognitive function resulting from early B12 deficiency. Anemia and dementia follow later.Characteristic signs, symptoms and health problems associated with B12 deficiency include anemia, fatigue, weakness, constipation, loss of appetite and weight loss.Deficiency can also lead to neurological changes such as numbness and tingling in the hands and feet. Additional symptoms of B12 deficiency are difficulty in maintaining balance, depression, confusion, dementia, poor memory and soreness of the mouth or tongue.Many of these symptoms are very general and can result from a variety of medical conditions other than vitamin B12 deficiency. It is important to have a physician evaluate these symptoms so that appropriate medical care can be given.

Tips For Boosting The Body's Immune System

Tips For Boosting The Body

The human body is constantly under attack from millions of microorganisms with which we share the planet, which is why it is important not to take your immune system for granted. What can you do to help keep your immune system healthy and ready to shield your body from infection? To answer this question, Shaklee Corporation recently formed the Center for Immune Research, which offers these important tips: 1. Find ways to relax. Because stress produces many different effects on the endocrine systems, scientists believe that immune function may be diminished by chronic stresses. There are a number of techniques to help you relax, such as deep breathing or yoga, which can reduce mental and physical stress as well as lower blood pressure and slow down your heart rate. 2. Sleep matters. Besides leaving you feeling sluggish, irritable and forgetful, not getting enough sleep can temporarily reduce the activity of certain cells in your immune system by up to 50 percent. Strive to get seven to eight hours of sleep each night. 3. Feed your immune system well. Not getting enough calories and getting too much dietary fat may weaken immune response. This is one important reason why nutritionists recommend a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy products and whole grains. 4. Get physically active. Regular exercise helps to strengthen your immune system, cardiovascular system, heart, muscles and bones. Being active also stimulates the release of endorphins, improves concentration and other mental functioning, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, and may lower cortisol and other stress hormones. 5. Learn about interferon. Although most Americans have never heard of interferon, this natural protein helps protect the body from the daily exposure to millions of germs that can lead to serious infection. Activated when an invading virus attacks a cell, interferon signals neighboring cells into action and triggers their resis-tance mechanisms. Interferon also activates other immune cells that kill invading pathogens. Because interferon plays such an important role in immune health, Shaklee Corporation is raising awareness about NutriFeron™, a new dietary supplement that naturally increases the body's production of its own interferon.* The Japanese scientist who originally discovered the existence of interferon in the body-Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima at Tokyo University-developed NutriFeron™ after more than 40 years of research on natural interferon-inducing compounds.

Mangosteen can help fight free radicals in the body

Mangosteen has been a big word in the herbal supplement arena for quite some time the reason for this is the xanthone flavonoids and other compounds found in Mangosteen The xanthone flavonoids and other compounds in Mangosteen fruit are responsible for its high level of antioxidant activity. In vitro tests have been conducted on XanoMaxtm Mangosteen 10% extract to determine the level of free radical scavenging ability in both watery and fatty environments. A major test recognized as the industry standard for measuring antioxidant activity is known as the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) assay.

The ORAC test is an in vitro assay that works by measuring the amount of free radical damage done to a fluorescent probe (measured by a change in probe intensity). Antioxidants lessen the damage to the probe fluorescence, which indicates a reduction in free radical damage. This measure is used to quantify the antioxidant's (or combination of antioxidants) capacity to quench free radicals. This quantification is known as the total ORAC value.

The total ORAC value provides a relative measure of total antioxidant strength of any substance, allowing for comparison of different mixtures. A high ORAC value corresponds to a high total in vitro antioxidant capacity.

The development of the ORAC test has led to a number of commonly eaten foods being assessed in terms of total ORAC scores per serving. Similarly, particular combinations of antioxidants, such as those in nutritional formulas, can also be assessed for their total ORAC scores. This has led to the ability to determine the potential usefulness of a particular supplement in increasing overall antioxidant capacity.

When XanoMaxtm Mangosteen 10% extract was tested for ORAC value, the resulting antioxidant potential was over 3,500 ORAC units per gram of extract. This result is extremely high. ORAC values of compounds vary with their nutrient concentration, moisture content and other factors. For comparison purposes, whole blueberries, considered to be a rich source of antioxidants, had an ORAC value of 61 units per gram, while pomegranate tested at 105 ORAC units per gram.1 XanoMaxtm Mangosteen extract scoring at 3,500 ORAC units is a potentially rich source of beneficial antioxidants to the body. Free radicals are produced every day in the human body and an over abundance of free radicals can damage cells. If enough cells get damaged one can get cancer, organ damage and pre mature aging. Some say that free radicals speed up the aging process and taking supplements that have a high ORAC can help slow down the aging process and help us look younger and live longer.

There are many vitamins and herbs on the market today that help fight free radical damage in the body, Mangosteen just happens to have one of the highest ORAC value for your money, give it a try and see how you feel.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Vitamins To Supplement or Not To Supplement?

Over half of Americans today take a multivitamin of some kind, believing that it will help them to stave off chronic disease and health deficiencies but health experts are in disagreement over the necessity of these supplements. Some doctors and nutritionists feel that a multivitamin a day is absolutely critical to a healthy body, while others point out that with a proper diet and exercise vitamin supplementation may be simply redundant.Some people even take multivitamins or other supplements as a way of replacing the need for a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, or before engaging in damaging behavior such as binge drinking or recreational drug use. Health experts are largely in disagreement on the subject of vitamin supplements, but on this area they agree a multivitamin does not obviate the human requirement for a healthy diet. In contrast, many health experts believe that a healthy diet renders vitamin supplements unnecessary, but none suggest that vitamins alone reduce the need for healthy eating.Some individuals claim that a proper vitamin supplementation regimen can resolve problems ranging from digestive issues to irregular heartbeats, but there are still insufficient clinical studies to conclusively indicate whether a multivitamin is beneficial to most healthy adults.Ironically, those who use multivitamins the most are generally healthier, more active, and more conscious about their diets than those who choose not to use vitamin supplementation at all. As such, those who would likely see the greatest benefit generally avoid using a vitamin supplement at all.The major issue that most health professionals have with readily available mass produced multivitamin supplements is their one size fits all approach without individualized testing and custom design for a vitamin supplement program to suit the individual, even when taking a multivitamin there may be a serious surplus of one element despite a significant deficiency of another. Since people of different age groups, body types, and activity levels all require different types of supplements, it is advisable to get full testing done in order to determine what vitamins really are necessary rather than simply purchasing an over the counter multivitamin tablet.


In 2004, America spent $170 billion in prescription drugs alone. In fact, the United States spends nearly $5,000 per person on health care. That's more than twice the amount of some other industrialized countries.